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Birds Aviary

leading manufacturer and exporter of bird aviaries, flight cages for many pet birds in China. Founded in 2019, BMP has been always practicing its slogan: making a comfortable, safe, entertaining

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Birds Aviary

Aviary mesh is extensively used in Bird Park for providing large enough places for exotic or extinctive birds like macaws, African greys, finches and cockatoos. Its varying mesh openings and wire gauges provide different aviaries for different birds.
Three types of aviary wire mesh are provided according to the sizes of opening - small, medium and large. For example, small birds including finches, canary, small parakeets and parrots should be enclosure by welded wire mesh with small opening. The big differences depend on the mesh opening. A small bird will not be safe when he/she lives in an aviary with 1” aperture. On one hand, the bird can escape; on the other hand, he may be injured during the escape.
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