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Crowd Control Barriers

Crowd Control barriers are fully hot dipped galvanized with interlocking male and female lock ..stand in a line

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Crowd Control Barriers

Crowd control barriers are also called crowd control fencing ,removable barriers,barricade ,pedestrian barriers,portable fence etc
Our crowd control barrier has been designed for use with large crowds,with their bridge feet (to minimize the tripping hazard).
They provide a quick and efficient barrier perfect for all situation where you need to devert or keep the public away from a designated area.
Crowd control barricades are the preferred steel barrier for crowd control at events, arenas, and rallies. Our barricades are available in many different styles and can deal with various occasions.Welcome to send inquiry to us !
2.0m-2.5m or customized
1.0m-1.5m or customized
Frame Tubing
20mm.25mm.32mm.40mm.42mm.48mm O.D
Upright Tubing
14mm.16mm.20mm.25mm O.D
Hot dipped galvanized or hot dipped galvanized with PVC coated
Frame Size
2.1*1.1m, 2.4*1.2m or as your requirement
Infill Picket
20mm.25mm.32mm.40mm.42mm.48mm O.D
14mm.16mm.20mm.25mm O.D
Detached, Flat, Bridge Type
Product show:
welded fixed feet barrier
bridge feet barrier
flat feet barrier
chain link fence barrier
barrier with wheels
steel style barrier
Detail Images
Product features:
Product Application
* Security and Safety
* Traffic & Pedestrian Control
* Special Events
* Concerts
* Stadiums/Arenas/Convention Centers
* Fairs/Carnivals/Festivals
* Parades/Rallies
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