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Garrison Fencing Panels

There are America & Australia two market styles for the being time. The North America garrison fence panels can be divided into 9 types according to the different top

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Garrison Fencing Panels

Industrial Garrison Fencing panels Is Very Popular In Industrial, Commercial And High-Density Areas. Powder Coated Security Diplomat Fence And Heavy Duty Security Gates Are Far More Attractive And Pleasing To The Eye Than Conventional Chain Wire Fencing.
Garrison Fencing, Heavy Duty Security Fence with pressed spear top, the premium boundary solution for industrial and commercial properties, constructed from quality pre-galvanised steel tubes, punch through or face welded, all welds silicon bronze for rust-proof, multi-layer protection powder coated realize exceptional anti-corrosion and weather resistant performance. Aluminum version also available for 2/3 lighter weight and easier carring.
Punch through type
Face welded type
Panel Width
Panel Height
SQ Rail
SQ Picket
SQ Post
2400mm (8')
1800mm (6')
40x40mm (1-1/2")
25x25mm (1")
65x65mm (2-1/2")
2400mm (8')
2100mm (7')
40x40mm (1-1/2")
25x25mm (1")
65x65mm (2-1/2")
2400mm (8')
2400mm (8')
40x40mm (1-1/2")
25x25mm (1")
65x65mm (2-1/2")
Manufacturing Technique
Manufactured from strong struture pre-galvanised steel tubes, rails and pickets punched through or face welded.
Zinc-rich Phosphating Pre-treatment ensure superior adhesion between the coating and base material.
Epoxy Primer Powder Coating cover all welds and cut edges for long-term anti-corrosion and anti-impact performance.
AkzoNobel Polyester Finish Powder Coating realize exceptional weather resistance with various colours available.
20 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty.
Satin Black(most popular)
Gloss Black
Black Sand
Production Process
1.Automated Cutting, Punching & Drilling with high precision
2.Zinc-rich Phosphating Pre-treatment enhance the adhesion
3.All Welds Silicon Bronze for anti-rust protection
4.Zinc-rich Epoxy Primer Coating for long-term anti-corrosion
5.AkzoNobel Top Coating realize exceptional weather resistance
6.Pallet Packing ensure the integrity of the products delivered
Product packaging
Consistent spears with the same shape and height
Pressed spears without cracks
Fantastic coating effect with smooth surface
Plastic cushion or plastic bag packing for protection
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