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Heras Mobile Construction Temporary Security Fencing

Heras Mobileis the reliable specialist for the production,sale and rentalof solutions for temporary security.It was Heras whoinvented the construction fence .The possibilities are unlimited.

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Heras Mobile Construction Temporary Security Fencing

Heras Mobile Fence / building site security fence are effective and suitable for a variety of locations including;Sites which need securing temporarily whilst waiting for a permanent fencing solution i.e. Hoarding Outdoor events which have restricted areas Temporary building and construction sites New housing developments


Heras Mobile Fencing & Security is a company specialised in securing temporarylocations. Heras is part of the stock exchange listed company CRH pic, a strong

mother enterprise that operates with continuity.Heras temporary fence is the specialist In temporary security. Y0u will find our 'A'-ranked qualities on three of the six

continents. Europe is our solid home marfcet. In the Benelux we have our own rental section witha true know-how of outdoor security. Large projects can easily be scheduled with a 100% stable company with various production units. We are glad to help you on a basis of service, mutual respectand trust. Reliability for us means respecting agreements.Heras Mobile Fencing & Security In short As a market leader, Heras has more than 12 years* experience in temporary security and is

the inventor of the security fence. Our friendly, invoh/ed and reliable workers also know that a better service can make all the difference. Heras" production Is stateof-the^rt in South African We have a wide range on offer, from simple and functional security fences to the safest and strongest protection of temporary locations.

1. Popular Specification


material low carbon wire ,hot galvanzied wire
wire dia 2.0mm 3.0mm
hole size 260*85mm
post detail vertical bars :38mm horizontal bars :25mm
thickness of tube 1.8mm -2.0mm
fence size 3500*2000mm

2. Details show

Fencing Panel

Generally, the frame is the round tube( vertical bars :38mm horizontal bars :25mm ).



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