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Temporary Chain link Fence

Chain Link Temporary is widely used for construction projects and special events, including sporting events, concerts, festivals and religious events. Chain link temporary fence is one kind of tempora

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Temporary Chain link Fence

It most commonly used as security fencing for building and construction sites. Other uses for temporary fencing include venue division at large events and public restriction on industrial construction sites. Temporary fence is also often seen at special outdoor events, parking lots, and emergency/disaster relief sites.
· Easy to handle and install · Anti-weather with long service time · Wild field of vision · Suitable for wide range of pipe post with outer diameter of 20mm, 25mm, 28mm, 32mm, 38mm, 42mm and 48m
Application of chain link temporary fence
* To secure construction sites and private property * Temporary fencing of residential housing sites * Temporary fencing and crowd control barriers for major public events, sports, concerts, festivals, gatherings and so on. * Temporary safety fencing for swimming pools
Temporary Fence panel: Packed by metal pallet. Temporary Fence Feet: Packed by plastic film. Temporary Fence Clamps: Packed by carton boxes. Temporary Fence Brace: Packed by plastic film, then put into the container in bulk.
Step 1: Determine the Correct Size and Location The run should be at least twice as wide as your pet’s shoulders and five times the length from nose to tail. A level, shady spot protected from wind and flooding is a perfect location. The floor of the dog run can be grass or concrete. Step 2: Connect the Framing Set a post in each hole and pour a dry 50-pound bag of concrete into each hole and add five gallons of water. The bottom framing gets connected first then clamps are used to hold the bolted uprights in place. The top rails go on next, again with clamps to help tighten. Step 3: Install the Upright Post Last to be added is the upright post for the gate. Then it’s time to unroll the fence fabric and add the first tension rod. Step 4: Cut the Fencing The fabric should be stretched and secured with wire ties about every 5 feet. Pull the fence toward the opposite pole, mark for cutting, then cut fencing and unweave it at determined length. Cutting is done at the last post beside the gate with more ties to fasten the edge. Step 5: Add a Tarp for Shade A tarp on top will give extra shading and comfort. Don’t forget plenty of food and water. If your dog will be outdoors a great deal of the time, add a doghouse or create a shelter with an awning or wooden roof.


Chain link temporary fencing is also named of chain link portable fencing. It is commonly used as a permanent fence for residential, park, road and so on. It is also an effective solution for a temporary application. For example, it serves as the barrier for the construction sites and vacant land. The chain link temporary fence panel, which infilled mesh is woven mesh, is durable. Compared with the welded temporary fencing, which has welded wire mesh infilled, chain link temporary fencing is made of chain link wire mesh, which has no any welded points. For large size temporary chain link fence, we can add a reinforced pipe at the middle of the chain link fence panel.
Product Paramenters
Low carbon steel
Surface Treatment
Hot dipped galvanized, powder coated, PVC coated
Wire Diameter
Fence Height
1.2m, 1.8m, 2.4m, etc
Fence Length
3m, 3.6m, 4.3m etc
Chain Link Mesh Size
50mm*50mm, 60mm*60mm, etc
Frame tube O.D
32mm, 33.4mm, 42mm, etc
Cross brace tube O.D
25mm, 32mm, etc
Fence Base/stand Size
610*590mm, 762*460mm, etc
Details Images
Chain link temporary fence panels are one of the best choice for outdoor job security, outdoor and sporting events, airports and any places where you need security and privacy. We can often see that temporary barrier security fences are used at special outdoor events, parking lots, tennis courts, basketball courts, kid playground and disaster relief sites. It is easy to install when using. These panels are also used to create pet fences. Also, you can use them as your needs.
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